Nothing new is the trend 

Change. Innovation.  Does that not sound like a target? Is that not where the future lies? Then why are we stuck? Where has the urge to innovate disappeared?  Many great architects work everyday to create something that has never been seen before. But most, including renowned architects follow the style that has existed for more […]

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Questions to your destiny

For an individual to decide what is the best career to pursue can be baffling. Many may know what they want to grow up to be at a very early stage. But there are many who struggle to make the right career choice. A wise way to decide is to leave aside the idea of future markets, […]

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Most people, especially young architects tend to believe that the beauty lies in complexity of a design. They artificially add complexity into their designing which sails them straight to the island of mess. Understanding the requirement and need of the building is the key to what ever the target is. Following which complexity can automatically be […]

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Line in between

Art. Architecture. The blurred line in between is only visible when target is not set. Entering into the world of architecture, that is the first day one enters an architecture school. Some wonder if it is art that drives the degree, others struggle to present the work in a particular way, sometimes forgetting it is […]

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Clarity is the delusion

What you present is what you sell. And what you sell is what represents you. When designing a building or a structure, it is very important that every decision made by the architect has it’s reason and value. In some cases famous architects have smartly approached the reasoning of a design, which lead to the […]

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